Stepping Into the Role of Teacher

Becoming a Teacher (1)

It is the night before classes begin and you lie awake in your bed, anxious about your next day. Your mind is filled with everything that you still have to do and everything that could go wrong. You are questioning whether you can be a garden teacher. There is so much to know and you…

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4 Ways to Fill Your Garden Classes

4 ways to fill your garden classes

Are you going to teach gardening this year? Once you find space for your classes and have them scheduled, it is time to fill them with eager students. I find that 6-10 people is about right for a hands-on class. Any less you risk the awkwardness of teaching to one or two people when your…

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Finding Space to Teach Gardening

Find Teaching Space (1)

Are you interested in teaching gardening but not sure where to hold the classes? You might think you need to have a huge garden, a farm, or a formal classroom, but this isn’t true. There are many creative places you can teach! A key component of why the Green Thumb Course is so successful is…

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My Story

IMG_7642 copy

Seven years ago I was a waitress at a restaurant. I had a degree and probably could have gotten a “regular” job, but I couldn’t stomach working 8-5 every day and only having two weeks of vacation per year. Life is too short to sit in an office all day, blowing my money at the…

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How Evaluation Can Make You a Better Gardener, Teacher, and Business Owner


I love eating fresh green beans right out of the garden and in the spring I get so anxious to have green beans that I plant them everywhere around my garden. But sometimes they don’t come up. So I plant them again, and they still don’t come up. I think I have bad seed, but…

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Understanding Ferments


Fermenting is so popular these days, but while it is a relatively easy and safe process, there is still plenty of misunderstanding and mystery surrounding it, and I have seen way too many ferments go into the trash. Before putting a lot of time and money into making your ferments, make sure you understand the…

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3 Reasons You Should Start Saving Seeds

sunflower seeds

Many years ago I was traveling in Africa when I decided to stay in a little village in Malawi for a few months to do some volunteer work. Wandering around the hostel where I was staying, I found the remnants of a garden. The plants were dry and brown, but when I touched them they…

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Food Preservation Quick Start Guide


So you love to garden but haven’t had much practice putting things away? Perhaps you are daunted by images of pressure cookers exploding, freezers overflowing, and a full root cellar (which you clearly do not have in your 21st century home.) Or maybe your garden just hasn’t been that successful… until now! Where do you…

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The Revolution of Abundance


I want to inspire a revolution. Instead of arming my rebels with guns, I will arm them with knowledge and tools. I will send them forth not to terrorize people, but to teach them how to grow their own food. I’ve experienced firsthand what it is like to plant a seed and reap the harvest.…

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