Pea Blossom Press Weekly Cool Climate Garden E-mail

The right info

At the right time

So you can grow more food

The Right Info

Eliminate guesswork with Permaculture inspired information specifically for short cool summers to make your garden less work and more fun.

At the Right Time

Stay on top of your garden with an e-mail delivered every Sunday letting you know what you what to focus on that week.

Grow More Food

Nourish your family and friends with bigger, better vegetables you grew with your own hands, including those elusive warm weather crops.

Save Money

Success with your seeds and starts the first time saves you cash, not to mention all you'll save on groceries.

Grow More Food

The Format

E-mails will arrive every Sunday with the tasks that are to be completed that week, detailed instructions on how to complete the tasks, and a seasonal recipe to enjoy your abundance. By breaking up the information into manageable chunks, you can keep from being overwhelmed in your garden and truly enjoy it.

My name is Saskia Esslinger and you may know me from the Williams Street Farmhouse in Anchorage, where I taught classes, gave tours, and grew a ton of food. Literally! A ton! My husband Matt and I spent an entire year eating only local food, and a lot of that food was grown on our small city lot.

We moved on from the Williams Street Farmhouse, but we are still passionate about growing and eating local food!  It is my mission to help people grow more of their own healthy, organic food and eat local year-round, so I am starting this subscription e-mail to help YOU do just that!

Saskia Esslinger
Teach Gardening, Pea Blossom Press

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