The Revolution of Abundance

I want to inspire a revolution. Instead of arming my rebels with guns, I will arm them with knowledge and tools. I will send them forth not to terrorize people, but to teach them how to grow their own food.

I’ve experienced firsthand what it is like to plant a seed and reap the harvest. The smell of the soil is intoxicating, and the sense of satisfaction is overwhelming. Eating food I grew myself gives me a sense of empowerment that is difficult to match. It puts my health and nourishment into my own hands.


Nourishing my family and friends with food I’ve grown is even more satisfying. I am proud to feed them the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest food I can.  And people love it.

When I learned to preserve my harvests for the winter and save my own seeds, I became even more food independent. I didn’t have to rely on corporations for my basic sustenance.

When I became a mother I was delighted to let my children play in the garden, among the plants while I worked. They became friends with the chickens and the worms. They learned how to tell when a strawberry was ripe and a pea tender and sweet. They ate baby carrots with probiotic dirt on them.

IMG_1685 (1)

I yearned to share this experience with other people so that they may know the joys of gardening for themselves. I began teaching classes, designing and improving, and learning as I went. It became a tremendous success.  People were eager to learn to grow their own food.  They loved my course and were able to reap abundant harvests.  I was able to earn decent money, feed my family, feel fulfilled with my work, and stay home with my babies.


But one person is not an army. I can only teach so many people. I need help. I need to assemble an army of passionate people so we can teach the world.  So I developed this Garden Teacher Manual so others can learn from what worked for me and hopefully have the same success that I did.

Are you passionate like I am? Do you believe that fresh, healthy food is a basic right and that feeding ourselves is power? I have tools for you to teach your friends and neighbors. You can earn money while doing it to make it worth your time.

You may not think you know enough to teach yet, but you do. And you will learn more. I believe in you and I believe that together we can change the world, just a little. We can make it better for at least a few people. And hopefully, we will also start a revolution. A revolution of abundance, where everyone has extra food from their garden to share with neighbors who need it. And for once, maybe it will be the corporations who go hungry.


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