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The Green Thumb Teacher Manual is a training, curriculum, and business plan, so you can earn money teaching people how to grow their own food! We spent years developing the ultimate, hands-on home-based food gardening course so you don't have to.  All you have to do is follow our step-by-step manual and you will have your business up and running in no time.

You don't need to be an expert gardener, have property, or even shell out a bunch of money to get an awesome garden teaching business off the ground.  We're here to help!


The Manual

This is a step-by step guide for getting your garden education business off the ground.  It includes sections on business details, setting up your course, becoming a teacher, detailed instructions for each lesson, alternative schedules, and resources.  This section is over 100 pages, with photos and links for more information!

The Handouts

This is a Microsoft Word document.  It includes 13 attractive handouts with a teacher outline and supply list for each class, two games to play with your classes, a certificate of completion for your students, and an evaluation form.  These handouts are fully modifiable so you can customize it to your climate and personality!

The Excel Workbook

This includes a class schedule, planting and preserving charts, registration list, and accounting spreadsheets.  Again, these are templates and can be modified to fit you and your business, but they also give you a solid place to start.

Full E-Book Contents

Here's a break-down of what you will find in the Green Thumb Teacher Training Manual.

  • 13 full lesson plans
  • 13 customizable class handouts
  • Step-by-step explanations
  • Complete marketing plan
  • Registration tips and templates
  • Certificate and evaluation form
  • Business startup guide
  • Teaching tips
  • Accounting spreadsheets
  • Planting and preservation charts
  • Access to members only Facebook group

Earn over $50 per hour!*

It will take a bit of work, but this manual will walk you through step-by-step to your first students.  You may even start collecting money in less than a week! I make more than $10k in six months teaching 3 hours per week on a small city lot with almost no investment needed.

You can too!

(*results vary)

Saskia Esslinger

I have been passionately gardening for over 20 years.  I am a master gardener, certified in permaculture and teaching permaculture, and have a master's degree in Regenerative Entrepreneurship. I developed the Green Thumb course to earn money while I started a family.  I wanted something that was flexible, rewarding, and profitable.  It works so well I want to share it with you!

Saskia Esslinger, Owner - TeachGardening.com

fade-leftfade-rightHere is what people are saying about this manual.

Anda Saylor

The Green Thumb Teacher's Guide and Manual has been amazing! After my first year of teaching, my students have given me great positive feedback. For each class I was prepared with a hand out, teachers notes and a list of supplies I would need to set everyone up for success, including myself! The conversational format of the curriculum made classes full of community and sharing. I learned along with my students about the areas that I had less experience, and was able to add my own special touches and perspectives easily. Knowing how much experience, knowledge and thoughtful review has gone into developing this curriculum, I felt confident that what I was sharing was of lasting value.

Anda Saylor
Alivia Debusk

I invested in the Green Thumb Teacher Manual because I know Saskia teaches amazing classes. I took the class from her a few years back and I learned a ton. This curriculum has lived up to my expectations. I'm now teaching my own classes! Anyone with a decent understanding will benefit from having a course already planned out for them, without having to do all the grunt work. I love it!

Alivia Debusk, Adrift Gardens

Have Your Garden and Eat it Too!

In addition to earning money teaching gardening, you will be growing healthy food for your family, getting fresh air and exercise, and meeting like-minded people.

This isn't just a business, it is a lifestyle.

Why Green Thumb?

We developed the Green Thumb Course to give gardeners support and information all season long so they can have success the first time.  We emphasize low-maintenance, no-dig, highly productive organic gardens.  The students love the hands-on information-rich classes.

We will share our proven curriculum with you so you don't need to waste time getting a profitable business off the ground and giving you more time to enrich the lives of students.

Start your new business and lifestyle today for only $39!



With the Green Thumb Teacher Manual you can have MORE of what you want in life!

MORE homegrown, nourishing food.

MORE time with your family.

MORE time outdoors instead of on a computer.

MORE connections with like-minded people.

MORE money.

MORE satisfaction that you are making a difference!

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